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William & Me
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evelyn's Development ? ? ?

We got a Bush family hand me down Walker toy from the family that has the youngest before Evelyn. It's a toy thats been passed down and used by all 9 of her cousins on the Bush side. I recently read an article about babies and getting mobile. . I was sckeptical about it hindering her development when i first read about it. Now on the other hand i really feel it was correct. She is 3 days away from her 8th month birthday and not crawling yet. I know its okay for her not to be crawling but I'm pretty sure when she gets tired of not being independent and stuck she is grumpy grumpy till I put her in her Walker. She loves it and she is extremely cute when she strolls quickly from one side of the kitchen to the other (crushing our toes while we cook and clean lol) But now I'm wishing I had never taken it

Now I think that she might be stronger and more independent on the floor if she had never had the option. While at Jill's house she would play in her similar but stationary Jumper and preferred the floor after a while. We didnt have a lot of money to get the Baby Einstein one I wanted for Evelyn so we took the walker. Next baby is getting a Jumper instead. Am I wrong and crazy? anyone else have the same type of experience?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Evelyn Jenae Bush's Birth Story

On her due date, being March 13th, I started noticing a difference in my body. New little pains in my uterus and changes happening. I knew something was beginning. I started keeping track of these new little pains just in case. They were never consistent nor painful. My body was getting ready slowly but surely. It was a gentle and nice warning that Evelyn would be coming.
    Monday morning the pains got stronger and more noticeable but never very strong nor consistent. I was dilated to two on Monday, so I/we knew something was definitely happening and I wasn't crazy or just being hopeful The dilation it was a lot less than I was hoping for. We scheduled another check up for Thursday hoping I wouldn't be attending.
   Thursday rolled around with at least some good news. I was finally dilated to three and stretched to four. Stronger feelings/pains started to get more regular at ten minutes apart but only for short periods of time or at night. I was woken up a few times but nothing to keep me excited.
   Friday the clinic called and wanted to check me again because my nurse didn't do very good at getting a good reading of the heart beat during Thursday's appointment. While we were there I had some good ones, now these were not hurting me at all only a tiny bit. Doc. Ofori checked me again and I was fully effaced and ready to go. He told me I could check in to the hospital if I wanted but we were planning on a natural natural birth and knew I wasn't anywhere near ready to push her out. So we went home an waited. After being told your fully effaced and dilated to the point of real labor you have an excitement and hope that the it was going to start that night. It didn't. To top it off I was having really random strong contractions and then random steady ones. It was very frustrating. If not for the help of my mom and cousin Misty I don't think I would have been able to relax and remember to not worry/be expectant as best I could. And that what was happening was totally normal for a natural birth.
    Saturday night and Sunday morning I was starting to really have regular and stronger contractions. Contractions that really hurt, to the point I needed to hum in a deep voice too. I could still bare them easily. Sunday morning 3:48am was when they became 5 minutes apart and harder by the hour. We decided at around 5am they were almost hard enough but we waited another hour and left for the hospital. We were worried about being there too long, so we waited till I felt it was time, left at 6am, arrived at hospital at about 7am. I was dilated 5-6cent when we got there. So our worries were distilled but not totally. Got comfortable, had the BEST nurse I think I could have asked for at a hospital. She did everything she could to make it so I was relaxed and comfortable. She made me feel like she was part of my family.
   Lights were all turned off for me and all the light we did have was the natural light from outside. It was over cast so it was nice and dim. Pillows pillows pillows, I was surrounded with pillows to keep me as comfortable as possible. At 10 or 10:30am the progress was slower than at home even though I was doing my best to relax they weren't getting back to 5 minutes apart like I wanted. So we had a choice break the water or wait. I had a high tear in my water so we were going to have to birth the baby in 24 hours either way. Once the water was broken it didn't take long for good steady contractions/rushes to kick in strong. William helped me in the shower, pushing on my back and keeping the hot water flowing on me while I held onto the bar for support. That's when the real pain started. I was only getting max 30 sec breaks in between rushes. Standing hurts! I swiveled my hips as much as I could while I was up though trying my hardest to get her into the right spot to be ready to come (it didn't work totally, but that's later).
   We made our way back to my pillows on the bed and got into a rhythm. It was so painful getting into the bed that I got stuck on that rhythm. Mom and William traded off holding my right hand and elbow while the other kept my left leg just right. The harder of the jobs was holding my hand and elbow. they were wonderful. Mom kept reminding me to relax my muscles during my short but blessed breaks. I made sure (with mom's reminders as well) to keep my mind on relaxing my cervix. I knew my mind could do a lot of help if I kept focused on that aspect.
    While taking a bathroom break my gown all the sudden really really bothering me, I was way hot! I Ripped it off and never put it back on. I had a naked birth. :D didn't think I would but by that point I didn't care at all who saw me. All I cared about was being as comfortable as possible. Mom an I laughed about it later and wonder what my doctor thought about it when he first walked in. I was all comfy an sprawled out, focused on being relaxed and breathing/blowing horse noises.
    I felt like pushing even while standing in the shower. My nurse told me not to worry to just do what my body was feeling like doing. I felt like pushing even though I was at 71/2-8cent. Nurse (Sally) checked again to make sure I wasn't swelling my cervix and back tracking progress. To my blessed luck after a couple hours of periodic pushing and contractions my cervix was gone and I was ready for the real deal pushing. I enjoyed pushing because flexing those tummy muscles would sooth the pain. Ofori checked me and told me I needed to get into some more positions to move her head into a better place. Man getting up HURT! It was by far the worst part! As I was getting up if William had not been there to catch me I don't know if i would have made it, I would have collapsed. I clung to him, barely able to breath. I made my way back to the bathroom to soak in the shower to try and distill the pain. William held me every time I needed him! I could not have passed that phase without him and his sent for comfort. This time for me was transition I think cause I felt my hope starting to fail me. Mom and William's words of comfort and encouragement keep me focused on my goal. we got back in the bed.they check me again Ofori said sally pushed down on my pelvics bone and she slide into place. they lay me back and push my legs up high. I loved it! It took all or most the pain away. All I remember at the time was the encouragement from my team and Ofori saying hold your breath and give me a good push! over an over. I would do as he said when I could. It was mostly catching my breath and pushing. He says we need to do a episiotomy, mom gave him the nod. the cut just felt like a release of pressure. She started comin out, Ofori said during one of my breathing breaks she was half way out and was all squished. i felt a little bad after but those breathing breaks were what gave me the energy to finish. They put her onto my bare chest right away. William cut the cord over my shoulder so i got to watch. She was so perfect. They announced the weight 10lbs7oz I was shocked. Whsn i was on the table getting stitched Ofori found two tears even with the cut.
  I love love love her!!!!! She is totally my world now she is healthy and eatin good :) I'm so proud of us both! could not have asked for a better experiecne!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Progress 2/17/11

Mucus plug is officially gone. I am dialated 1cent. Not much i know, but its way to early anyway. Doc. Ofri touched my child's head today though. :D that to me is exciting and something worth writting about.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby Boob

Living down here in William's home town means we get to have a familly reunion type sunday dinner every week with the family. William loves his nephew Colton, who is 9 or so months old. William is feeding him and notices Colton's sock is fallin off. So Wil decides to just finish the job and pull it off, he also decided to store this sock in Colton's shirt for safe keepin. He scruches it into a little ball and places it right where a boob would be. A one boobed little baby boy, from my viewpoint the stinkin funniest thing i have seen in my life!!! :D haha Thank You William for the wonderful laugh attack tonight. :D

Monday, January 31, 2011


Im gettin closer and closer to the due date of my 1st child. my doctor is a super cool guy from Africa. he knows that women's bodies are not broken and that natural birth happens all the time without complications. he told me he sees himself as just being there in the chance of an emergancy like old times and that he wishes they would give him a midwife to practice with. he told me i can bring a birth plan and that my hospital will be good to me about keeping to it. he also said that the nurses kinda freak when they get one cause they are not used to or trained for them but they are told to keep to it. now that william and i watched misty's recommened The Business of being Born william is passionate and ready to protect me while we are there. my fear is that they will go ahead and do whatever they want no matter what. william says we will sue if they put meds in me without our permission lol thats backwards eh? but it makes me happy he is so totally with me on this natural birth thing finally. i think the struggle for us women who want it now is to convince our husbands that its okay, its safe, and in the long run probably better for me. i pray that everything will be relaxed and good on the day of my first born's entrance into this world and that we can have that tight bonding experience. its so close now! the baby is so strong in there. its fun to watch my belly go up and down on its own. :) also to see and feel the little lump of a bottom make my belly lop sided haha i like to rub an pat it, drumb on it lightly. fun fun times. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

We are under contract!!!

i know hardly anyone reads my blog so this is a special post to those who read will be able to know long before anyone else. we are buying a house. lol its a forclosure. its a 1500sqft home with new finishes for 70,000. its a super good price we are hoping! we are hoping we are getting it for at least 30-40grand less than its worth. we will find out before closing. we are currently under contract with it. we are working on getting a usda loan because of william current status with the school district we are very likely to get this loan. its a good loan. rates will stay same, no balloon payment, nothing that made us uncomfortable with it. our principle morgage payments are 411 a month, but with insurance and taxes its 540. still thats cheaper than what we were paying in rent in Rexburg. we know there are more bills but it should still come out cheaper than renting in Vegas. i love the rural rustic-ness of overton much better than the hussle and discomfort of Vegas. i will miss having an indoor pool terribly. i will have to find other means to stay in shape, sad sad deal but thats life, i just do so much better with swimming.