William & Me

William & Me
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evelyn's Development ? ? ?

We got a Bush family hand me down Walker toy from the family that has the youngest before Evelyn. It's a toy thats been passed down and used by all 9 of her cousins on the Bush side. I recently read an article about babies and getting mobile. . I was sckeptical about it hindering her development when i first read about it. Now on the other hand i really feel it was correct. She is 3 days away from her 8th month birthday and not crawling yet. I know its okay for her not to be crawling but I'm pretty sure when she gets tired of not being independent and stuck she is grumpy grumpy till I put her in her Walker. She loves it and she is extremely cute when she strolls quickly from one side of the kitchen to the other (crushing our toes while we cook and clean lol) But now I'm wishing I had never taken it

Now I think that she might be stronger and more independent on the floor if she had never had the option. While at Jill's house she would play in her similar but stationary Jumper and preferred the floor after a while. We didnt have a lot of money to get the Baby Einstein one I wanted for Evelyn so we took the walker. Next baby is getting a Jumper instead. Am I wrong and crazy? anyone else have the same type of experience?

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